Pisces Horoscope for Today

A new sort of bond may form with someone you consider a friend. Perhaps you discover a mutual interest or suddenly see your friend in a new light. This can be beautiful, but before you make any commitment, make an effort to get to know the person a little better. Your image of him or her might be clouded by idealism. You might not see the person objectively.

Add some personal touches to any and all writing you do today; otherwise, your creative writing skills are in danger of rusting away! Even a little flourish to your signature on that check to the phone company says something about you. Don't wait until you are asked to write a novel or wedding speech. You have to try to integrate your creativity in absolutely everything you do, including emails and form letters.

You may feel as though a thick fog is obscuring your goals today and you're drifting without a map to guide you. Additionally, the emotional landscape continues to change as you explore your need for pleasure. Unfortunately, you don't seem to be able to get exactly what you want yet. Although you are growing more aware of your desires, it's apparent that there's no quick route to satisfaction. Fortunately, living in the present moment, at least, allows you to appreciate what you have now.

You are as fond of romance and passion as a sign could possibly be, Pisces, so when the heavens' dish out a heavy dose of love and intensity, you are the first to sign up for a full share! Click here to learn more. That is exactly what is on today's agenda, thanks to an easy trine between loving Venus and relentless Pluto. These two will urge you to find someone who you can actually connect with, on a major level - and to keep them! Register here.

As the Moon makes his first visit to your work sector since Mars left and his only visit during Venus\' 4 week visit to your career sector, there is a chance to both tie up loose ends and to put the progress you\'ve already made into a new context. Where Mars was all about gaining as much traction on the work front as possible without too much thought to the long term, Venus is looking to narrow things down, with a need to trust both your heart and instincts today.

Real deal romance or a fleeting fantasy? It will be hard to tell on Friday so be careful not to get ahead of yourself. Although this newly discovered gem may have The One engraved in his aura, you need to see the whole picture before you bestow such a title of distinction. There’s a reason matrimonial vows contain the “for worse” part. Loving someone’s shadow is part of the package and it takes time to see what that looks like. Friday is stellar for self-promotion though! Your talents will be lauded far and wide. You might even earn some fans in other area codes, even country codes! Saturday’s quarter moon in Leo and your sixth house sounds the call for some “health care reform.” Listen to your body, Pisces. You might be overdoing it a bit with those workouts and green juices, not giving yourself ample time to rest and restore. Moderation is key. If overindulging has become de rigeur, this quarter moon snaps you back into action. Sluggishness and trouble sleeping are no way to live, Pisces. Exercise brings oxygen to the brain and makes you increasingly vital and productive. On Sunday, simplify! A project has grown unwieldy, your closet overstuffed. Less is definitely more so hew the excess (and haul it to the Goodwill) so you can appreciate the things you actually want in your life.

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